Just finish your album or mixtape and you need a cd cover designer? Well guess what Musicians! Dj's! Rappers! Everybody who has a strong passion for making music and has spent lots of money and time on making their album, you have a great deal coming your way!

Wait, was that too direct for you? Let me explain. Finding a  cover designer for the mixtape or album that you’re releasing is now gonna be an easy task for you. You can now come to our site , give all your requirements, send in a few pictures if you want to, and our entire graphics teams will be at your disposal to create the perfect cover for your mixtape or album.

No wait, I guess even that was too direct, why do you need a mixtape cover? Is that what you’re asking right now? Well, it’s pretty simple; you’ve probably spent a lot of effort on your album, recording all your songs, putting your heart and soul into it. Have you ever noticed the biggest artists? The leaders of Pop, Rock, Rap and all other genres? Do you know the one thing they all have in common? Each and every artist will have the most amazing, eye catching, interesting album covers. In that small space of a CD cover, they convey their story, their journey of achieving the mixtape or album that they have recorded. It’s a way of expressing your passion for what you do, if you follow anything your role models do, you need to do this its mandatory you find a cd cover designer you can build a long term relationship to handle all of your graphic design needs..

But obviously, you’re still not convinced, tough crowd. Practically, a good mixtape cover shows more than just the artistic passion that you have. It shows you’re willing to go the entire way when you’ve put in effort on one end. A bad mixtape cover just shows you decided to give up halfway through after recording the album. Even if you’re lucky enough that they’ll still listen to the album, the overall impact of the album will be much less compared to when, with just a little more effort, you have a good cd/mixtape cover, it makes the entire package look more appealing. A book should not be judged by its cover, but let’s face it, more than half of the time it is. And this is a case not very different, EVERYTHING is taken into account, especially the cover design, especially with new and rising artists.

So now we finally get back to how we started, if you’ve spent so much money on recording your album. If you’ve spent so much time harnessing the talent that you have, and you finally want to show it to the world, and you feel you need a good cd cover designer like Mixtape Cover King, which is something essential, but you don’t know how to find one, you can come to us and ask us to design one for you. Our graphics team is skilled with any type of genre, from pop to rock to rap to indie, anything that you do, and can make a cover that suits your style, your band’s style, or anything you want. And you can get it changed within 24 to 48 hours of it coming it to you, and you even have unlimited revisions so once you receive the design if any changes are needed we make them until we get the exact feel your looking. Take this opportunity, don’t look for another! Contact us and our cover designer will make you a cd cover  design that demands attention.Checkout our latest cover designs now at www.MusicIndustryGraphicDesigns.com

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